Much post-war modernist architecture has already been demolished or altered beyond recognition. The whimsy of the fifties, the crudeness of the sixties, the humanizing designs of the seventies and the post-modern façade collages of the eighties – only their remains are left in the original. Our focus is on those remains. Before it is too late forever.

On the fringes of public interest, in buildings by architects long forgotten or never well known in the first place, we find an astonishing wealth of architectonic forms that has never been mentioned in architecture books. Our point is to look for the typical features of each period. We also seek out the individuality, often hard to appreciate nowadays, with which architects tried to lend a personal touch to contemporary taste.

The buildings we discover are usually not stars. They are therefore not photographed as though they were. More important are the partial views and details that also reveal traces of everyday use. Patterns take shape that are typical for the times but not necessarily unique to Berlin.

The photographs are taken with a digital camera. Our first priority is to assemble a large archive. The selection process only follows later.